Very professional repair with clear photos and explanation. Symptoms can include hearing sound but not seeing any picture ad/or messages indicating that the picture format is not supported. We have prepared a simple video to assist you in selecting the correct HDMI settings. Since I have the LED bar and do not have the single LED thus I replaced the whole LED bar and can keep the remaining good  LEDs for future use. No lamp, no images. A customer of mine sent to me this BG LED TV with the complaint of have sound but no picture. Good repair Suranga and it was fortunate that you had the exact same Hi everyone just turned my tv on and cant get any picture what so ever on all the channels and av,s etc , i get sound but no picture the tv is a samsung lcd LE40R51B THANKS AND HAPPY XMAS . It was a fantastic view when you can see all the LEDs were perfectly lighted. Every time you give useful information to improve the knowledge about electronics.I am really thanks to you. You have valuable knowledge and skills and should be well paid for your work, I have seen it many times here! Thanks for your article. Nice job! This usually indicates the LED backlight have problem.