He began his career in plumbing at the age of 14 while still in high school. No. After cleaning the broken floor flange (wire brush, rags) I set the thin wax seal down and the new repair flange on this. they are stainless stell and open up then you just slip them on and install the screw and your fixed. Lastly, insert your wax ring, set your toilet back on the flange, and bolt your toilet to the floor. Bolt the flange down through the holes supplied in the flange with concrete or wood anchors that are galvanized or brass so they won't rust and break. It has a hub with a rubber sleeve that should be facing up. I am having to replace - Answered by a verified Plumber We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. save. Does anyone have any methods I could use please as I am frightened of cracking the porcelain. The toilet should be fastened securely it does not move and break the seal mentioned above. This may not be the best solution, but it worked for me. I'm remodeling my laundry room in my basement (so it's a concrete slab floor), and removed the toilet to discover a rusted flange -- it's a 4x3 metal/PVC flange going over a 3" PVC pipe. Do not give important mail to some private person or use a private bin or box for later transfer by someone else to the post office. Yes Contractor's Assistant: Do you plan on doing the work yourself? The flange has disintegrated. Do so at the shut-off valve located under the toilet tank. after looking at that a little closer it looks lke you don't have the right flange that will work with what i described.you can chip out the concrete around that flange, about a couple inches all the way around and use an inside cutter and remove the old one and install a new one. Seems like the floor flange was pretty rusted and some just plain eaten away (built around ’76). Built on slab. In order for that type of installation I will need to build up the sub-floor with 1/4 plywood alone with 3/4 hardwood floor. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Vacuum up all dust and debris from around the drainpipe and bathroom floor. Lastly, place the wax ring on the flange so that you can later install the toilet on the flange. I installed one of my toilets a couple or three years ago, so my memory is a bit foggy. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am about to remodel our basement bathroom (concrete subfloor). You will place the toilet on these after you disconnect it from the flange. Bolts rusted completly out on toilet I have concrete floor I need to make sure it doesnt rock. The ring is tapered, and the narrow part of the taper should be against the toilet. You then need to flush the toilet and keep holding the handle down to drain all the water from the tank. I have a tile on concrete floor and the toilet flange is totally rusted our. That’s normal with old toilets. First-I do not believe you will have to bust out any concrete to make this repair. Contact options for registered users. Pick the toilet up again and line up the replaced toilet bolts in the concrete floor with the sides of the bowl then place the toilet down gently onto the repaired flange. Author; Recent Posts; Kevin L. Sharp. Rusted out toilet flange on concrete floor; Rusted out toilet flange on concrete floor. What are my repair options? Rusted Flange Question. I then used something like "Tapcon" screws to secure it into the concrete floor. What is a reasonable cost for installing a new floor flange and reseating a toilet? Any suggestions ? I used a flange repair ring and got by. Good Luck, David, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. If the floor is dry, then you have succeeded in replacing the toilet flange. I would like to take them out and replace them but I can't get purchase with a screw driver. J. Jeff Wisnia. To know about toilet flange installation on tile, read the following section. Your's apparently is rusted out where the upside down toilet bolt heads slide into the flange to hold the toilet base down on both sides. Pry off the bolt caps at the base of the toilet using a screwdriver. Come join the discussion about tools, projects, builds, styles, scales, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! 13. Can fit drainpipes of any size since the wax fills the gap between both the flange wall and the drainpipe wall. I had to remove a toilet in my basement in order to have a perimiter drainage system installed. A. Phoenix AZ. Screw the Toilet Flange Onto the Concrete . Pull the loosened flange out of the cast-iron drainpipe with a pair of pliers. Would you break out rusted flange and replace? a local plumber that can see it in front of him would know best. Gently rock the toilet bowl side to side to break this seal. The toilet flange should be bolted to the floor, and then the toilet base is bolted to the flange. I'm thinking I'll have to remove a section of the existing floor larger than the footprint of the toilet, cut (break?) Bend at the knees and lift the toilet up. Use Tapcon anchors or a similar type of masonry/concrete screws to fasten the toilet flange to the concrete slab. Above were the steps to install or replace a toilet flange, which is detachable and also simple to install. The flange of for the toilet will be about an 1" below the floor level. Would you raise flange 1/4 above the tile floor with a spacer? Put the remnants in a trash bag. In … So be sure to scrape off the old wax ring and inspect the flange. Put Scotch Magic tape or other "permanent" transparent tape on all seams on the back of the envelope to prevent jamming in machinery or tampering of important mail. Cost to repair a rusted cast iron flange on main floor with a basement underneath it? If the flange is badly corroded, use a hammer and cold chisel to chop out the flange. Helping You to Do It Yourself! You need to clean the area around the bottom of the toilet and then place a new wax ring on the repaired flange. There is no clearance between the rusted flange and the concrete floor. Avoid tipping the toilet on the side and gently place it on the towels. (the bit has to be slightly smaller then the bolts) they won't … | Theme by SuperbThemes.Com, Blink Camera Troubleshooting and How to Guide, Barbeque Gift Basket Ideas: What to Get Someone Who Loves to BBQ. Your floor being concrete, you will need to secure it with tapcon fasteners. There is, however, no harm in hiring or consulting a plumber to answer questions like does a toilet flange need to be screwed to the floor and does a toilet flange go inside the pipe? Place the toilet flange face down on the concrete. 11. Concrete slab:Toilet flange below floor level [ 4 Answers ] I am Installing a hardwood floor on a concrete slab. Make sure you do this evenly from side to side. With the new bolts in place, fit a new wax ring on the flange and set the toilet carefully over the bolts, pressing gently until it rests flat on the floor. To replace the rusted toilet flange you first need to remove the broken or rusted areas using a hacksaw. 3. Close. The next step is to remove the toilet floor bolts. Contractor's Assistant: Have you talked to a construction professional about the floor? I am replacing the flooring but first need to replace the toilet flange. You should get a set of new toilet bolts, a new wax ring, and possibly a flange repair kit. JavaScript is disabled. You can now install the new supply line to the toilet tank and turn on the water and inspect for leaks around the bottom of the toilet bowl as well as at the valve. The tile floor is on the concrete as part of the slab floor. Someone with more knowledge of this situation will come back with a better answer. To replace the rusted toilet flange you first need to remove the broken or rusted areas using a hacksaw. Lowes and Home Depot sell an item called Super Flange. 10. Bolt locations are currently solid. Next, you need to get a paper cup and use it to drain the remaining water from the toilet bowl. posted 16 years ago. If there are no leaks, caulk the area around the bottom of the toilet to complete the job. Toilet Flange in Concrete Floor The slot for one of the closet bolts is cracked, so it can’t hold the bolt in place. With the toilet flange in place, you are ready to install the toilet with a new wax ring. share. Installed together with a wax ring, the HydroSeat technology ensures a tight, leak-free seal and features a self-centering rubber funnel that fits any The flange should be fastened to the floor. 3 times stronger seal. Insert new bolts in the flange slots, heads down, and align them opposite each other to match the corresponding holes in the toilet base. The type of sub-floor is another consideration, especially if the toilet flange needs to be raised or lowered to fit properly. It is a metal ring that is installed over the old flange. ©2021 The Indoor Haven Rusted Flange Question. Unfortunately, this is in the basement and the flange is bolted straight into concrete, so it’s not a simple matter to replace the flange or use one of those metal side pieces to repair the flange. It's your choice whether to screw the flange to the concrete floor and attach the toilet to the flange, or to screw the toilet directly to the floor possibly going through holes lined up in the flange. But if your floor is severely rotted, say more than an inch beyond the flange, you’re stuck replacing the flooring around the toilet. You also need to lay down towels to pad the bowl on the floor. A forum community dedicated to Do it yourself-ers and home improvement enthusiasts. The bottom of the toilet bowl will be sealed to the toilet flange with a wax ring. To fix a broken toilet flange in concrete, follow these steps: The first step is obviously to turn off the water supply. Accommodates flange heights of between 0.5 inches above the floor (due to the removable plastic) to 1.5 inches below the floor. The biggest challenge to replacing a toilet flange on cast iron pipe is often getting the broken toilet flange free. However, installing the flange on a tile floor is different. 1. Mon, Aug 16, 2004 4:36 AM. The toilet flange holds the toilet to the floor and is also the fitting that serves as the inlet for the waste line. Don’t tighten one side then move to the other side. Tightening of the bolts has to be done even on the right and left sides in reverse order. Never remove the right bolts and then the left bolts. WHAT IS THE COST OF REPLACING TOILET FLANGE AND RESETTING TOILET? Pick up the toilet again, bending at the knees and not the back. The toilet and replacement flange and drain pipe all need to be kept in position so the seal is not broken. Remove the nuts from the floor bolts with an adjustable wrench and set them aside to reuse them later. Can you guess how the floor flange is attached to the concrete floor–I don’t recall. DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed plumber. Then, place the flange over the stub-out and turn it until the slots for the bolts that secure the toilet are by the flange's side in relation to the wall that is behind the toilet. Hello, our downstairs toilet has come loose (Concrete floor). Place newspapers or towels on the floor next to the toilet. The top section of the clay pipe had to go. Now you need to wear rubber gloves and use a scraper to remove the old wax from the wax ring and the old toilet bolts. If only the area directly below the flange is rotted, you can install a two-piece steel closet flange support. Don’t rely on guesswork. Screw the Toilet Flange Onto the Concrete . That’s it- you have successfully set up a new toilet flange on a concrete floor. I noticed a leak in my drywall and found it to be my toilet from the second floor. You are now done, and your flange should sit evenly on your bathroom floor. Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by tala9999, Feb 11, 2020. tala9999 New Member. Good videos! These steps will teach you how to install a toilet flange on concrete. It's your choice whether to screw the flange to the concrete floor and attach the toilet to the flange, or to screw the toilet directly to the floor possibly going through holes lined up in the flange. I think it's joined by lead to the drain pipe. I'm trying to replace the broken rusted cast iron toilet flange in my basement. I have tried to tighten the screws but they are very badly corroded and I can't tighten them. Put the remnants in a trash bag. 3 3. comments. Now is also the time to remove the old supply line and discard it. Leave enough room to work on the toilet flange, but lay the newspapers or towels close by so you don’t have to move the toilet too far. 2. 1 1. Clean up around the bottom of the toilet and place the new wax ring on the repaired flange. I have made a repair of this type situation using a "repair flange", (just a flat, metal, flange), and a thin wax seal. super easy. if that is concrete under it like mine, after the bolts rusted out ,i just used my rechargeable hammer drill from Home Depot (50 bucks) and concrete bit ,for drilling out the old rusted bolts and on into the concrete ,the further you drill the longer the bolt you need, use two 1/4 inch concrete bolts (Blue) with toilet washers and was done.total of 30 minutes. Walk around the tub flange and install the screws after every 6 inches. Each of these requires a different approach to replacing the toilet flange. Once this was set in, the toilet bolts can be put in, a new thick wax seal used, the toilet put in, and if necessary, shims used to level the toilet. Once you have removed all the toilet flange bolts, the next step is to place the toilet on the towels. Doing so increases the risk of breaking the toilet bowl. Line the bolts up on the sides of the bowl and gently place the toilet on the repaired flange and press to the floor. With a little knowledge and preparation, virtually anyone with the right tools can replace a toilet flange on a concrete floor. I am installing this in the bathroom. Specially designed rubber gaskets that are encapsulated with wax. The screws that attach the flange to the floor have rusted out and one is broken to a useless nub (circled in pic). Photos of the floor area, rusted flange and replacement flange are attached. There is no need to spend a lot of money paying for professional repair services. off the old flange and either pour new concrete or install a "deck" of some other material. Dry fit the toilet to make sure it doesn't rock. Mind you, I've already cleaned up the area. The bottom of the flange needs to be sitting flush with (or not more than 1/8" above) the finished floor or else the toilet will rock. How to replace cast iron toilet flange on concrete floor. Replace w/a cast iron flange? But if there is a leakage, then you will have to install it again or call a plumber to do the same. If you have never made a mistake, you haven't done much. Cast Iron Pipe. as long as the lip the the old ring is held in place with is still there you can use one of them. cost to chip concrete, replace toilet flange, concrete, and tile Doing so increases the risk of breaking the toilet. they make replacement rings like the one that rusted that has the slots for the bolts etc. How to Remove Cemented Flange From a PVC Toilet Drain Pipe. Posted by 8 hours ago. The flange has basically disintegrated. Press to the floor before securing the toilet flange to the concrete floor. Slip your repair flange spanner under the toilet flange but replace a toilet bolt in the concrete floor through the hole in your spanner for easy toilet reinstallation. 1/2. Joined: Jan 30, 2020 Location: Virginia. It goes under the flange and transfers the load of the flange and toilet (and you) out onto more solid surrounding wood. The HydroSeat offers an easy, one-piece installation that fixes wobbly or leaking toilets, and broken or damaged flanges. If using a plastic flange ring, be careful not to crack the ring by screwing the anchors in too far. Now let’s discuss Toilet flange extender – After setting every flange, make sure you screw it to the floor so it will not rise up when you tighten down the toilet. I removed the toilet and found this mess. Slip your repair flange spanner under the toilet flange but replace a toilet bolt in the concrete floor through the hole in your spanner for easy toilet reinstallation. I purchased a PVC replacement flange that is supposed to seal to the inner diameter of the existing iron pipe but 1) the floor is now uneven and 2) I need to screw the flange into the floor once it's installed in the pipe. 5. 12.